Sip Wine Bar , Empire Damansara

Many know Empire Damansara as the home of the Damansara Performing Arts Centre , DPAC . A substantially smaller amount , however, there is literally something for every appetite in Empire Damansara . Empire Damansara is located in a prime location in Petaling Jaya and can be accessible easily from different directions through many major highways .
An a evening Walk at Empire Damansara heritage Lane With a group of friends , While Enjoying taking photos with the atmosphere of bare brick while thinking what to have for dinner later . During passby Sip Wine Bar , A large Poster beside their main door Entrance attracted my caution . It's stated " Wine Buffet is back Daily from 5pm to 10pm for only RM78 nett - All You can drink " . Woo-hoo , The wine buffet is back !! . On the spot I Drag my group of friends and discuss how about we have our dinner at Sip Wine Bar since It was Friday night and everyone is not working On saturday . I Was so excited when all of them willing to…

Bacon & Brew , Damansara Uptown

Bacon & Brew Cafe is a hipster place to be hangout that located at Damansara Uptown District , and opened on the 1st of June last year . The shop placed on the first floor by walking up from the staircase on the left of the shoplots . Get discount from KIPLE mobile app .
A place for Bacon Lover , Bacon & Brews offers a Western-Asian theme to all their meals .  a cafe that serve all their food with bacon bites . Bacon themed cafe , with food ranging from Kimchi fried rice to Bacon carbonara and Bacon cheesecake . The cafe itself is quite a relaxing with warm white lighting making the ambiance a cozy .
Bacon & Brews is just right above of Chan Fatt Wanton Mee , it next to Tealive , a simple layout cafe with minimal decoration . White chairs complemented the black tables and black wall well . Its interior is furnished with brick walls and pipe linings as the main structure of the cafĂ© . A beautiful montage of different matchboxes from hotels is framed at one side of the wall…

The Glenlivet Whisky Tasting , Nicsmann - Starling Mall

The Glenlivet Whisky Tasting and Food Pairing Dinner at Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre In The Starling Mall .  A night With International Brand Ambassador Asia - Darren Hosie , from Chivas Brothes joinning us for the mentoring section to taste The Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky . 4 course dinner will be serve and pairing with 4 various type of The Glenlivet range Whisky .
Introducing The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve - captures the distinct , smooth , fruity taste that first envisioned in 1824 and this classic single malt a contemporary twist . Master Distiller Alan Winchester marries together a selection of the aged oak casks and American first-fill oak casks. American first-fill oak casks are those that have never before been used to mature Scotch Whisky. Selective use of these casks provides a smooth, creamy sweetness that mingles harmoniously with the delicate flavours and complex fruity tones already present in the whisky .
Together With Darren Hosie with us tonight Introducing another three …