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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Cincin Wine Bar & Grill , Taman Connaught

At First at all , I Gonna Tell You What does " Cincin " Means . "Chin-chin" is an italian toast, (actually Cin-Cin) which I believe means the equivalent of "to your health". Just as French people , the Italians say “cheers” in two ways,  “Salute” in an informal situation or “Cin cin” in a more formal context . Some great Italian drinking toasts or cheers besides salute are “cento di questi giorni” or “cent’ anni”. “Cento di questi giorni” means “May you have a hundred of these days” , and “cent’ anni” means “a hundred years” .

Previously known as Coffee Berry , it has been rebranded to now become CINCIN With new image that served fine dining restaurant with great ambience & wide selection of great wine . The Shop was located in Taman bukit Hijau at Taman Connaught and opened Few month back this year , It was a Great place to Hangout that Served yummylicious Foods , Limited Wines and awesome deal of Cold Beer .

Cincin had their Official Grand Opening With special guest Orange Tan 陈慧恬 on 26th May 2017 , it also the only Place that get to drink a fine wine in Cheras . The much more different than others serving western cuisine in Town that Wine pairing with Foods .

Great News for ladies only , Cincin Giving all the ladies Drink all you can Special Promotion all night long for the LADIES , Spend a minimum RM20 per person and enjoy 3-hour FREE FLOW house wine Tempranillo Merlot imported from Spain at 6.30pm-9.30pm .

The two floor ambience is so relaxing , on the first floor it is comfortable enough for dinning or few pint of beer at more affordable prices . While for the second floor ....

A Wine & Cigar Lounge located at Second floor with unforgettable experience to enjoy the subtle luxuries of life , This is what life is made for . Smoke a cigar is different from cigarette . Do not inhale any smoke and never swallow the residue of any tobacco product . Taking time to savor the taste , the aroma. One or two puffs per minute should be enough to keep it lit . Smoke too fast will develop burn taste and your cigar getting heat up . 

Every cigar has its own character and taste . Aging a cigar is very personal preferences . Some prefer fresh cigars , others will age their cigars at least two years before smoking them . Be it 100 years or more, cigars should be kept in a controlled environment , between 20°c to 23°c with 70 percent humidity .

Cincin Wine Sellection are with wide variety , I don't have any idea about which wine I'm going to choose but no worries . Cincin experienced sommelier is more than happy to help me to choose the wine and share the knowledge about wine . Alright , beside than Cigar and Wine above . I also wanna introduced the foods that served by Cincin's below .

Pumpkin Soup - Soup Of The Day

Thursday, 22 June 2017

AFTERWERK , Scott Garden

Afterwerk is well known as a place for Happy hours that located at Scoot Garden along Jalan Klang Lama , The venue was operated for few years and still been counting till now . Today I'm here for not only on their Happy Hour Promotion set , We are here for the all new dining experience .

The Afterwerk now comes new fnb options available With a spanking brand new stage and frills , daily changing LIVE bands and the best fnb promotions to go it is a one stop haven to hit for a quiet birthday or a gregarious party . Afterwerks promises a special experience to each and every diner/party goer . Enjoy after office hours in the dim and cool comforts within the bustling hours . The restaurant offers sessions with friends and colleagues over pints of beer or bottles of Chivas .

AfterWerk is a 7,000 sq ft huge space that provides few different spots for patrons to enjoy the night with cool sip of beer . The outdoor seating area blazing during the afternoons , comfortable plush red sofas to sit all night drinking experience . Like most pubs/bar out there , AfterWerk offers a variety of cocktails, beer, whisky , pools table and dart machine .

Piggy Ribs
Large Portion of Grilled Pork Rib attach with Homemade BBQ Sauce and French Fries Side .

Pan Seared Salmon
Fresh Salmon Pan seared with this special spicy creamy caper sauce served with vegetables & mash Potatoes .
Chicken Chop
Pan Fried chicken chop served with salad , Fries & choice of black pepper sauce or Mushroom soup .
After Werk Pork Chop
Grilled pork chop marinated served with mash potato , salad & spicy sauce .
Fruit For The Day
After all the meat treat , fruit been serve as refreshment 

Afterwerk is fast becoming one of the most LIVE music in the house . Featuring one different bands and House DJ daily . Each day will also thematically bring you a different party atmosphere . If you plan on dancing, you’ll have to stay up late as the resident DJ only starts spinning after midnight following some live band performances every other night .

AFTERWERK , Scott Garden
Address : G-02 & 03, The Scott Garden, 
289 Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : +60379722520 or +60196222423
Hours : 4PM - 2AM

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Raya Rush @ Juice Works Malaysia

It's only ONCE in a year and it's happening from 27th May till 24th June . Yes , I'm talking about Juice Works' RAYA RUSH! , Recently Juice Works Made up a new flavour drinks for just this Ramadan season , their are offering a 'BUY 1 FREE 1 JUNIOR'** , the Ramadan Special just for the Raya Rush drink ! This offer is only valid from May 27-June 27, every 6pm-8pm . And it still can purchase at normal hour without the 'BUY 1 FREE 1' Promotions . Since my Office just few block from The starling Mall at Damansara Uptown , I just walked to Juice works The starling and get to try this refreshing drink .

Made with crushed cranberries and watermelon, mixed with a combination of low fat vanilla ice cream sorbet and coconut juice/water, it's the ultimate in SWEET, COLD and REFRESHING to break your fast with.

Why cranberries? They are also known to be a very good source of Vitamin C, dietary fibre and  manganese -- which is good for bone building. It is also rich in vitamin E, which is good to help protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals and vitamin K -- wihch is important for blood clotting and again for building strong bones. It also has copper to help ward off infection and osteoporosis, and pantothenic acid (also known as Vitamin B5) to help convert food into energy and help your body use proteins and fats.

Why watermelon? Made up of about 92% of water, watermelon is a great thirst quencher. It also has significant levels of Vitamin A, B6, and C, and lots of lycopene -- which is useful in preventing cancer and the hardening of arteries -- besides antioxidants and amino acids.

Why coconut juice? Dubbed 'Mother Nature's sports drink' by some, this low-calorie, fat-and-cholesterol-free juice is rich in electrolytes that aid in our bodily functions. Its potassium content is higher than four bananas! Potassium is great to regulate one's fluid balance and to help counteract the effects of sodium to maintain a healthy blood pressure. It is also SUPER hydrating .

Last but not least, all three of these fruits are also great in warding off indigestion, due to their high concentration of fibre. It also helps to reduce the occurence of acid reflux. So if you're worried about over-eating or not eating a balanced meal during the fasting season , DRINK UP today!

From Juice Works, Happy fasting and Selamat Hari Raya !

**The terms & conditions
• This offers is only valid while stocks last
• This promotion cannot be combined with other on-going promotions / discounts / offers / vouchers
• Free drinks chosen must be of the same or lower value than the one purchased
• The free drink promotion is only applicable to Raya Rush purchases only
• Juice Works Malaysia reserves the right to final decisions on all matters.

The Raya Rush drink is available in three cup sizes:
• Junior (250ml) RM8.95;
• Midi (450mL) RM9.95;
• Power (650mL) RM10.95. (Prices quoted are inclusive 6% GST)

*Available at all JuiceWorks & JuiceWorks 2GO participating outlets in Malaysia*

Tokyo Secret Malaysia - 1st Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate Tokyo Secret's 1st Anniversary with Their Exclusive all Flavour Beverages

Petaling Jaya , 17th June 2017 - Tokyo Secret Has recently celebrated its 1st Anniversary in May 2017 . To make the Tokyo Secret 1st Anniversary celebration much more happening  , Their running a special promotions for the whole month of June . The first celebration was held at 1 Utama on 28 May with Buy one free one cheese tart promotion and RM1 Original cheese tart .The second celebration was held at Sunway Pyramid with the promotion of five piece Hanjuku Cheese Cake .

Tokyo Secret is well known for its Hanjuku Cheese Tart . The ever popular Original flavor has a soft , Filled with delicate fluffy warm cheese , crumbly crust . The tart filing is made with a blend of three different types of cream cheese . The molten mousse cheese filing is creamy , slightly salty and flowy when its consume hot . It undeniable as the aroma of the tart pulls out from the oven , capturing the scent from far .

The Hanjuku Cheese tart has four delectable flavours - Original , Matcha , Hazelnut and Purple Potato .

Tokyo Secret has innovated and introducing to Public the all new Original Cheese Cake that starting to sell from 18th June Onward . It has a a perfect balance between dence , creamy and light , airy . It's browned top and a clean , smooth mouthfeel makes the flavour walks that perfect line between sweet and tart . Worthy of saying , it is the best mouthwatering Cheesecake In Town .

The afternoon comes with much more surprise , Tokyo Secret once again celebrate their 1st Anniversary promotion exclusively at 1 Utama Shopping centre on all of their beverages for Only RM1 . Tokyo Secret's Signature beverage namely the Fresh Fruit tea which has four flavour - Pineapple Green Tea , Orange Oolong Tea , Lemon Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea . The Milk Tea Series is a perfect way to mellow and smooth out the flavours of tea , This Milk Tea you can either have it cold or hot - Black Milk Tea or Oolong Milk Tea . The Teas doesn't end here , So called Tokyo Secret Original Tea would just tan talise your tea buds with three choices to choose from - Black Tea , Green Tea and Osmanthus Oolong where it can be served cold or hot . Total Nine tea choices above and Four Cheese Crema below , So much choices , Don't say Nothing to drink .

Tokyo Secret Cheese Crema Series , The top quarter of the beverage has a thick , malleable cheese which adds a subtle and irresistible salty flavour to the crema . Four flavours to choose from Black Tea , Green Tea , Osmanthus Oolong and Japanese Matcha .

Tokyo Secret's Hanjuku Cheese Cake 5pcs in per box serve in chilled , mild cheesy and creamy taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture .