Philtre Coffee , Damansara Utama

Philtre Coffee is located in the popular Damansara Uptown area and is strategically placed just right off the LDP . Parking during work hours is definitely a problem , but come evenings and weekends , There is also the added basement parking that’s now available in Damansara Uptown to provide extra parking bays .
Philtre Coffee gets its name from the filtered coffees that they serve here . Filtered coffee , as Wikipedia explains it , is a method of brewing coffee which involves pouring water over roasted , ground coffee beans contained in a filter , creating the beverage called coffee . It is also called drip brewing or pour-over . But don’t worry , Philtre Coffee has milked coffees too if you must have them . Today I had the chance to witness how Cold brew been created , From the top with Ice cube melt into ice water then drip over roasted grind coffee powder for 7 hours of melting ice resulting in 3L of intense-flavored cold brew coffee .
Philtre Coffee is probably one of the more …

Cheap Cheap Restaurant , Ao Nang

Cheap Cheap Restaurant located along Tambon Ao Nang Road , The main road of Ao Nang . We get to know this restaurant from our driver that bring us to Phang Nga this afternoon , He said this restaurant belongs to his friend and served good Local Thai food . It just 5 minute walk from our hotel , We decide to get our dinner here after the bath refreshment . The orange bright signboard is easily to cath up our attention .
I Think Cheap cheap restaurant Could be a well known seafood restaurant that served Thai cuisine and sounds cheap on their menu , I found out the price is quite reasonable for the portion they serve . The place was cozy and the staff here are friendly too . About the seafood , It is really fresh and available with wide variety of gravy to cook with . One thing I curious in Ao Nang is the White rice , No free white rice refilling and Every additional are count . We had A great food for the night without any Complain .

Yamaguchi Fish Market , Kampung Pandan

Live Canadian Lobster Promo Maniac!!!
Well Known Yamaguchi Fish Market that located at Kampung Pandan that always does crazy promotion to let their Customers satisfied by having Fresh Live seafood , After Promo and Promo again . This time Yamaguchi Fish Market Offered Live Canadian Lobster Buy 2 Free 1 From 15th July 2017 To 15 August 2017  .
Live Canadian Lobster Buy 2 Free 1 Portion will Around 400gm to 500gm for RM138++ .  Divide from buy 2 free 1 , Each set of Lobster about around RM 92++ ONLY .
Poached Lobster with Garlic Butter sauce and Cheese Baked Lobster , Side with french fries , Mix Salad and Bun with Butter .
Giant Live Canadian Lobster

1.0KG - RM288++1.5KG - RM468++2.0KG - RM648++2.5KG - RM828++3.0KG - RM988++4.0KG - RM1288++4.5KG - RM1388++5.0KG - RM1488++
All the price above is for Giant live lobster starts from 1kg and above , To enjoy the much more bigger lobster in the house . Booking Required two days Prior needed . Kindly call 012-268 2816 for subject to availability .…

Sarawak's Bowl , Sunway Putra Mall

Sarawak's Bowl finally have opened their aecond branch at Sunway Putra Mall , Serving you the best of the Walai Jami (Our Home) in a bowl . Sarawak's Bowl menu is special homemade to meet the demand of Sarawak’s food here . The shop located at fourth floor in food arena in Sunway Putra Mall , The place to Get a taste of local Sarawak dishes like kolo mee , Sarawak laksa , mee Jawa , and many more . Myself was a big fan for Sarawak dishes especially Sarawak Laksa and Kolo mee , After I visit Sarawak's Bowl then only I know's that There was different from Chinese non-halal and Malay Halal Kolo Mee . What I had before is Chinese version Kolo mee that comes with Red sauce all over and the Malay version is covered with Black sauce .

I notice that Sarawak dishes rarely to find At Klang Valley or Kuala Lumpur district that provides a delicious and quality Sarawak food menu . Until I heard about Sarawak's Bowl , the Sarawak food cafe that just opened at Sunway Putra Mall …