Durian King TTDI

The Durian is in season again ! When mention about pungent , yellow fleshed , thorny fruit . Definitely Durian will plays in the mind and this how I'm the big fan of Durian . It's earned the title of ‘King of Fruits’ in Malaysian population and also It comes in many shapes and sizes with variety flavours . The name of the Durians are also been localised , we’ve got udang merah , musang king , Black Thorn and few more other names .
This where the actual place to satisfy my cravings for this sinfully sweet and good smelly fruit , Durian King TTDI promise the Quality been served to all their customer and The Place had people comes from around the globe tasting the wonders of creamy Durian here . Whereas the shelves at Durian King TTDI were nearly bare , here the displays overflowed into piles of Musang King .
Durian King TTDI is slowly establishing its name as the durian kid on the block by being one of the pioneers to bring in the Black Thorn durian . Get to try their new invasi…

THE MINES Foodtopia offered only RM9.90 nett

6 Nov - 1 Dec 2017 (Mon-Fri) , 10am - 10pm @ Participating Outlets* (Valid for dine in only)
- Over 40 meals offered by 13 participating F&B outlets all day long at only RM9.90nett.
-Participating F&B outlets* :- The Chicken Rice Shop, Almendi's, Pizza San Francisco, Sepiring, Fish & Co. Malaysia, Teppanyaki Malaysia, Esquire Kitchen, DubuYo, Bar B Q Plaza, Kimosasa Vegetarian Cuisine, Makan Culture, Ah Yip Herbal Soup and Nyonya Mama.

Register now to get your entry voucher here : .

Here we are again , Today we will try out Seven different outlets in The Mines Shopping Mall , They called it " Foodtopia " . Since I had some experience about food trail before this , This time might not a tough task for me . I will be walking around in The Mines Shopping Mall and try out Seven Food outlets in few hours . May some of you not really familiar with The Mines Shopping Mall and here is a friendly mall for whole famil…

Auntie Lan Sarawak Deli at NZX food Court

The well known NZX(Niu Xhe Shui 牛车水) was a area when those days packed with people along with bunch of night market vendors in a part of Ara Damansara , It's become like a Chinatown by selling Goods and Foods . It's claimed itself as the "Malaysia largest covered boulevard" and actually the main focus and most attractive place here is the covered street in the middle , Consider is The first covered street at that moment .
This location been abandon during year 2010 - 2016 and till now not many shop are occupied but recently on 1st October 2017 Restaurant NZX Food Court Boulevard started their business . A Food Court with 2 corner shops & 8 Intermediate Grd floor Shops with a 13,000sf Open space for sitting . visit for breakfast/lunch with Chinese hawkers Stalls for your enjoyment ans also Installed a Big Fan for the comfort promise to patrons .
Auntie Lan Sarawak Deli is one of the hawker stall that serving Original Sarawak delights , The simple Menu makes my da…

A&W Malaysia Launched Chicken Fiesta

A & W (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the first fast-service restaurant that open in Malaysia . The A & W restaurant at Bt Road, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, was opened on 31 October 1963 and is the first Restaurant in the country .
After more than half a century in the country , A & W continues to maintain its identity with its well-known Signature brand new name RB Float (formerly known as Root Beer Float) , and also Beef Coney (formerly known as Coney Dog) .
A & W introduce new products that famous for fans of fried chicken "Golden Aroma Chicken and Spicy Aroma Chicken" . Golden Aroma Chicken has it's own delicious from others fried chicken out there . A & W chickens are freshly fried with special herbs and cooked to golden perfection . Most important is the juicy tender makes out great qualities .
The spicy chicken can really be nominate qualified real Spicy chicken because Spicy chicken at others fast food chain out there is just a name without spicy . At A&…